Oquaga Lake Improvement Association

Welcome to our updated Oquaga Lake website!!

We have upgraded the Oquaga Lake web experience to a community website model. This new model allows for easier organization and management of our community information and easier ways to engage with and communicate with the lake residents!

There is public and private information within our website. To access OLIA private information you must register and log-in to the website. This ensures that certain information can only be viewed and downloaded by OLIA community members. Once you have registered you are able to configure your communication preferences including what information you share with the lake community (i.e. phone number, e-mail address, etc.). You have full control of your information! Full details are here

New features of the website enable broadcast e-mail messages to OLIA members for issues like "Lost Dog", "Bear sighting", or "Floating Dock broke free", etc. The site also has features to communicate directly with board members or the various committee members if you have questions. Please take some time to explore the new site!

Bears are awake!!
Japanese Knotweed (Invasive plant)

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Located in the Town of Sanford in Broome County, New York on the very northwestern edge of the Catskill Mountains, Oquaga Lake is bordered entirely by private property, whose owners share a common love for the Lake, and therefore come together in the form of an Association. Annual dues support the property owners' shared responsibility for the care, maintenance, and enjoyment of the Lake.

Our motto is 'speaking in one voice,' meaning an Association of Friends and Neighbors who acknowledge our shared appreciation and concern for the Lake that is known as Oquaga.

This purpose of this community site is to foster engagement, promote transparency, and ensure residents are well-informed and engaged with the community. 

“The night sky is the world’s largest national park

with its stark beauty available to anyone who steps outside and looks up.”

 –Geoff Chester, US Naval Observatory